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Breathe in the elegant essence of Lisbon.

Breathe in the elegant essence of Lisbon.

A city can change you.
We changed to host that experience.

The years of sustainable and hospitality excellence of Inspira Santa Marta gave us a profound understanding of what makes Lisbon unique and what happens when a guest experiences the city profoundly. A city, a great city, only reveals its elegance when you let your stay become an experience. When you immerse yourself without trying to change it. You discover a city when you let it change you. Because of this understanding, we evolved to Inspira Liberdade, an Immersive Boutique Hotel.

Liberdade is Lisbon's cosmopolitan downtown, the promenade of international brand stores, the century-old architectural elegance, and the entrance to a world of stories, scents, and flavours across the city's seven hills. At the heart of the high district, Inspira Liberdade is a modern haven waiting for you, to work, relax or indulge, after a full day of flânerie.

We are open, safe and ready to welcome our guests with the hospitality excellence that distinguishes us. And to help our guests experience and immerse in the elegance that distinguishes Liberdade and Lisboa.

This new beginning is more than a rebranding of our hotel; it is the beginning of a new hospitality attitude that defines Inspira Hotels as Curators of City Immersions. To offer our guests more and better experiences and honour all the essences of this city, we are preparing to open new Immersive Boutique Hotels in Lisbon. We evolved and changed to welcome you to an experience that will change you.

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